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Annual Eye Exam in Decatur, TX

At Decatur Eye Center, our eye doctor, Dr. Edward Fries, performs comprehensive eye exams to preserve your vision and protect your overall eye health. Learn why we recommend receiving an eye exam every year and what to expect when you make an eye exam appointment with our Decatur optometrist. 

Why Have Your Eyes Tested Once a Year? 

Some of our patients only think they should come in when their existing prescription for glasses or contacts no longer helps them see clearly. While you should come in to see us if your glasses or contacts are not providing you with clear vision, you should also come to see us once a year for an eye checkup. 

Dr. Fries, our optometrist, does more than just check your vision in an eye exam. He also tests your overall eye health and performs important disease screenings. Many eye and vision problems do not have clear symptoms that would be observable by you, the patient, such as glaucoma. Diseases such as glaucoma can take away up to half of your vision before you notice any changes. Our eye doctor can diagnose these problems early on, when treatment is easier and less costly. 

Now that we have convinced you to come in for an eye exam, learn what to expect when you see our Decatur eye doctor. 

What to Expect in an Annual Vision Test

As you know, we will test your vision to make sure that your corrective needs are met. Vision acuity tests measure how well each eye sees with a wall eye chart and reading chart component. Depending on the results of this test, we may adjust your prescription. 

If you have glasses and would like to try contacts, we can also test your eyes for contact lenses and speak with you about contact care. Some eye conditions, such as dry eyes, make it difficult for you to wear contacts. If we feel regular contacts are not a fit for you, we can discuss other options. 

In addition to testing your vision, we test the function of your eyes. We perform different tests to check your depth perception, eye teaming, eye muscle capabilities, and peripheral vision. We may find that one eye is stronger than the other, or that your eyes have different needs. 

Next, we will check your overall eye health. We will dilate your eyes to check the internal eye structure and test eye fluid pressure, a glaucoma indicator. We dilate your eyes, because it is medical standard, and all top specialists of the eyes dilate their patients as well. Any exam without dilation runs high risk of missing a dangerous eye disease.  If we see anything unusual in your eyes, we will discuss additional testing or treatment options with you. 

Finally, we are here to discuss your vision and eye health needs. If you have any questions for our optometrist, this is the time to ask. 

Would you like to schedule your eye checkup, or speak with us about anything else? Call our optometry clinic today by completing our online appointment form or calling us at 940-627-2020. We always do our best to accommodate the busy schedules of our patients, especially when it comes to preventative vision care such as the annual eye exam. 

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