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Ophthalmology at Decatur Eye Center

You may already know that our optometrist at Decatur Eye Center offers high-quality eye health and vision correction services as a primary eye care provider -- but did you know that our clinic can help you with ophthalmology services as well? Our optometrist relies on a pair of experienced ophthalmologists that come to our office in Decatur, as well as a retina specialist located close in Denton, to provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of eye disorders. This means you can rely on Decatur Eye Center as your "one stop shop" for eye monitoring, referrals and advice.

Optometry vs. Ophthalmology

Many people are less than clear on what ophthalmology actually is, and how it differs from (yet complements) optometry. An optometrist is usually your first point of contact for eye exams, visual acuity testing and certain forms of eye treatments (such as prescribing and administering medication). Ophthalmologists are more likely to become involved when your eyes need more complex systemic medical treatments, up to and including surgery, although they can perform more routine services as well. Ophthalmologists handle most major eye surgeries while optometrists monitor and diagnose eye diseases and refer to a specialist for surgeries when necessary. They are commonly consulted for complex medical conditions of the eye such as:

  • Diabetic retinopathy - Destruction of the blood vessels in the retina due to uncontrolled diabetes
  • Macular degeneration - Progressive damage to macular, a portion of the retina, which can eventually cause the loss of your central visual field
  • Cataracts - Yellowed, opaque lenses that can no longer pass sufficient light to the retina for clear vision.
  • Wide-angle and narrow-angle glaucoma - Damage to the optic nerve caused by excessive pressure levels inside the eye
  • Eye tumors - Cancers or other masses that threaten the eye
  • Trauma - Retinal detachment, corneal damage and other problems
  • Dr. Fries can diagnose and treat many milder forms of these conditions while they can still respond to first-line medication, corrective lenses or other kinds of optometry. But when he decides that your eyes require more advanced or invasive treatments, he will hand you over to our skilled ophthalmologists for additional evaluation.

Cataract Surgery and Other Eye Treatments for Dectur and Bridgeport, Texas

Having your optometry and ophthalmology practitioners all in one place presents huge advantages. Take cataract surgery, for example. Surgery to remove cataracts is one of the most common sight-restoring surgeries, yet many people in Dectur and Bridgeport, Texas continue to drive many miles out of their way to get this surgery. This can be rough going for the majority of cataract sufferers; most cases that are advanced enough to require surgery tend to afflict senior patients, and these individuals may also have other issues that make long car journeys uncomfortable or even impossible. We refer our cataract patients to Dr. Heather Winslow, an experienced ophthalmologist who performs cataract surgery right here in Decatur. Why put yourself through a long, possibly painful trip to another city when you can get your cataracts treated and monitored locally?

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